What Will It Be Like

We’ve just wrapped up Season 2, but we will be back with Season 3 sometime in 2024. Until then…

What Will It Be Like is a weekly dose of short fiction about quiet moments in the future. Cryptic, curious, poetic, like a Group of Seven painting, like “Not Ideas About the Thing but the Thing Itself,” like a long-lost journal. Arriving in your inbox early Sunday morning, while you are sleeping.

Here are a few stories from the archive.

What will it be like to meet your dead father?

What will it be like when the air quality is bad year-round?

What will it be like when you can tune people’s personalities in real time?

Who writes this?

I do. I’m David Yourdon.

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Weekly short fiction about ordinary moments in the future


David Yourdon

Writer, engineer. Imagining the quiet moments of the future.